The time is now...

Well, it's 2011. Thank God for a fresh year!

2010 was good. We feel like a nice introduction and 1st impression was made for the N.O.R.T.H. Brand. I want to thank every single artist that we met personally and rocked with and I hope that we can all build off of the momentum we all generated for the Carolinas. From the QCHH Underground with E456 and God City, to the Wine-Up showcases with Kevan Glover and Beanz, to the NC Benefit Concert with Shelly B and the whole E-NC, to the NC Underground Showcase at the Pour House with A-Robb and Eargasm, all the way to the 704 Show with Lo Life and the Fam...Let's all continue to put on for that good ol' Cak Music.

N.O.R.T.H. is going 4G in 2011. Digitized on every major social website, so stay connected with us fam! Brand spankin new N.O.R.T.H. music, video clips, music videos, parties, showcases, networking mixers, business mergers, all that...hittin the block and the net heavy in this new year. I promise if you don't like us now, you will by the end of the year. So with that being said, get to know us...our ups, downs, what makes us tick, why we are who we are. Get to know the meaning behind our music. Get to know the reason why no others respect true hip-hop, but us -- NC.

Below is a clip of my bro Leggs gettin into detail about one of my favorite tracks off of the Freestyle Chronicles mixtape "G*z Dream". It actually inspired the new background pic and quote up 2011 mantra. Peep:

Hop over to Youtube and check out ALL of clips...there's 2 accounts -- here and here.