Salute the DJ

Jermaine Dupri rode on em, Lil' Wayne said "F*ck em", P. Wonda call 'em the Heroes -- but no one can deny they laid the foundation to Hip-Hop.

The DJ controlled the crowd with the music. He had the ability to get the party poppin, mellow it out or shut it down. The MC started off as the 'assistant' to the DJ, if you will. The MC got the crowd to participate and to shout out the DJ (i.e. "Go DJ! That's my DJ!")...but somewhere along the line the friendship got distorted. The MC wanted the shine & love that the DJ was getting...which lead to the MC developing rhymes to the DJ's sets, allowing the MC to captivate the crowd using his voice, words and ability to tell a little story. Hence the birth of today's Hip-Hop music.

But nobody can deny the significance of the DJ. Even to this day we as artists still need DJs to break our records. Some live by the code, some don't. But you can't say that we don't need each other in order for Hip-Hop to live on.

So...salute your favorite DJ. Thank y'all for helping keep Hip-Hop alive! Check out this video with some of your favorite DJs speaking on their influences coming up. Shout out to 2dopeboyz.