The Wifey Problem

Lmao...I was over on checkin out some new music and everything, right? So, then I come up on this little editorial called "The Wifey Problem". lmao...word son??

Check out an excerpt:

So, one can only imagine the level of schmag-level trim that comes a rapper’s way if they’re successful (or at the very least have their names out there like they are). At the same time, that would make actually settling down with one special person that much more difficult since we, being the step-above-primitive beasts that we are, are going to want to smash every little thing in every little city we could get our hands on; not exactly a quality potential female suitors look for in us. And when the slores of the world seemingly pass it off to us as if we were Adrian Peterson… well… Maury Povich has made a living doing shows that spotlight the consequential results of those decisions.


Check out the rest of the article here.

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