Guns, Drugs & Videotape

Up top is the movie trailer to the sure-to-be hood classic, Mario Felton: Based on a True Story. Featuring some of NC's hottest artists, this movie looks to fall in line with other legendary gangsta films like Shottaz and Paid in Full. Peep this short description of the movie:

A true story based on the life of the gangster, hustler, and mastermind Mario Felton. In 2005 Mario Felton and his childhood friend Boss ran the streets of Harlem. After feeling pressure from the FBI, they decided to take their operation to South Carolina. Starring Sun Mu, Shyst, Reese Da Great and many more, this movie will bring you into the head of one of America's most dangerous gangsters. Directed By King Ace... This movie will be released in October 2010, straight to DVD.

Can't wait to see this joint. I'm definitely adding it to the collection.