St. Patty's Day = Get Wasted!!! No? okay.....

Well...I'll be honest...I have NO clue who St. Patrick is in it's regards to Irish culture. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking's just that ummm....I forgot all'lat back in elementary school (back with Christopher Columbus, the Preamble and all that good stuff). But anyway, Happy St. Patty's Day especially if you are indeed Irish. Keep the keg flowin, I'll partake in the festivities when I get off. Heineken's on DECK.

In other news, if it's March then that only means one thing:

That's right. It's the one time of the year where everybody in they momma is a basketball guru. Everybody got the perfect bracket. Everybody's school is going to be in the championship. Until that massive upset happens in the 2nd round, a school nobody expected makes it to the Sweet 16 and your bracket is all busted up (and you out of a good $10). LMAO.

I can talk junk this year -- after cuttin' em down last year, my team ain't even in the damn tournament. We wreckin shop in the NIT!! (LMAO...i mean that as sarcastically as possible)

Buuttt anyways, I wish you and your bracket the best. Honestly, it's anybody's tournament this year. I don't see 1 team that is a clear cut favorite to win it all. But for the sake of predictions, I'll lay mine out there: Kentucky vs. Syracuse for the title, with John Wall (NC stand up!!) and the Wildcats cuttin' em down.

You heard it here first.