On The Record - Mica Swain

A couple of days ago I was able to catch up with one of NC's hottest and hardest working artists -- Mica Swain. From collaborating with NC stallwarts like Marc Law and Shelly B to National artists like Rico Barrino and Waka Flocka, Mica has a long track record of dropping heat.

After searching the net for information on this pretty lady, I found out that there isn't alot of "words" on her. A lot of pictures and songs, but no "words". So that's what I wanted to accomplish with this interview -- shedding some light Mica Swain the PERSON.

Styles: I'm glad to be able to speak with you today. I know you're a busy lady.

Mica: Yeah, but staying busy is the way to be in this industry.

Styles: I feel you. So, I guess I'll start with the basic question that most people ask. Where are you from?

Mica: I'm from a really small, country town named Roper (NC).

Styles: Roper?? I've been to alot of cities in NC, but never Roper. What major city is it close to?

Mica: (laughs) Its about 20 mins outside of Elizabeth City.

Styles: Ohhhhh okay, okay 'Liz City. I know about the area. I got you now. So, how do you take being from a lesser known area and grinding to make it in the mainstream?

Mica: I always believed that anything is possible regardless of where you're from. I just have lots of faith in what I do, so combine that with grinding hard it don't matter where you're from, you'll make it.

Styles: I can dig it! So, let me get this right. You sing and rap right?

Mica: I do. But hip-hop is me! I just shifted to singing after I wrote a song for a fellow artist.

Styles: So you were a rapper that wrote R&B songs? That's not your average combination. (laughs)

Mica: (laughs) Yeah, I kinda really got into after writing that song so the singing just kind of took off from there.

Styles: Word. Well that's what up, make money however you can! So tell me how you got your start in music.

Mica: Well, my step-dad was a DJ and I used to freestyle at his parties all the time. One particular time I was doing my thing and met a guy from Virginia that was putting together a group of female artists. We showcased a while later for Big Daddy Kane and couple of other industry people. We didn't win the showcase, but Big Daddy Kane was like "I don't wanna work with anybody else, I want to work with her!" (laughs) and the rest is history.

Styles: Wow. So just like that? About when did this happen?

Mica: Ummmm...I'd say about 2000.

Styles: Wow. That's big. I guess you just stood out huh?

Mica: Yeah (laughs) I guess so!

Styles: That's what's up. So tell me about your first time recording. How was that experience?

Mica: My first time recording? or my first time in booth? Because you know that's kind of different...

Styles: (laughs) You're right, I think everybody started off with the handheld mic in somebody room!

Mica: (laughs) RIGHT!

Styles: Okay, okay..tell me about your time stepping in the booth at an official studio.

Mica: Oh man..it had to be when I was in the 7th grade. It felt GREAT! I felt like I owned everything! I was showing out in there like a fish in a fish tank! (laughs)

Styles: A fish in a fish tank huh? (laughs) Okay, I feel you!

Mica: Yeah you know, everybody was looking at me so I had to deliver.

Styles: I can dig it. So, tell me about your inspirations when writing. Where do you draw your thoughts from?

Mica: (pauses) Well, I'm a woman and we have mood swings. I can be VERY moody at times (laughs) so I write how I feel, and whatever comes out, comes out. If I'm in a good mood, you might get a party record. If somebody has pissed me off, then you'll get a serious record (laughs). But yeah, for the most part I write how I feel and generally the public accepts it.

Styles: That's good, that's good. Okay...so, as I search the net I see various pictures and mp3s, but no "words" about Mica Swain. Tell us in your own words who Mica Swain is.

Mica: Well, I'm just a small town, country girl that's in it to win it! Not just in hip-hop but in life, period. I'm not just a rapper and singer, I do a lot of things. I'm an artist and oh yeah, stay tuned, I'm opening up a salon soon. I do hair too! (laughs) I love all of the different things I do.

Styles: Oh okay, modern day renaissance woman! I feel you Mica! So tell us about this New Moon Mixtape you just released.

Mica: New Moon. Well it dropped about 2-3 months ago as just a mixtape but it's been evolving into something bigger. DJs are loving the records, but not understanding that these are the old Mica. I had to just purge these in order to have a new beginning...or New Moon.

Styles: Ohhh okay, I got you. So once you purge the old Mica, what's next for the new Mica?

Mica: My new mixtape...Fish out of Water.

Styles: (laughs)

Mica: (laughs)

Styles: Okay, okay. So tell me about this "All Bcuz" song and video tearin up the net now.

Mica: Well, I got the beat from the producer because he didn't like it, but I did. BUT, when I recorded the song, I didn't like the finished product...and I really didn't think he would either. But, the public has reacted well to it -- and I think i just started liking the song about 3 weeks ago (laughs)...mainly because I have to perform it so much, I have to like it. (laughs)

Styles: At least you're honest! (laughs) Okay, so what about this "Everybody Working" track that has been blazing trails through NC all the way up to NY?

Mica: Well, I work real heavy with the Moon Criket movement. And umm, I think Derty [Den] called me like "We got this record we want you to get on." I went and did my verse in a way where I wanted to emphasize that EVERYBODY ain't working, BUT some of us are and that's what matters most. I actually didn't know the record was doing that good. Big ups to my girl Shelly B though, she killed it.

Styles: That she did! Okay, so what else are you cooking up for us music-wise?

Mica: Well, like I said earlier I got the "Fish out of Water" Mixtape coming soon. I'm just trying to do mad visuals now to get my face out there more. More videos, photo shoots and things like that. But honestly, I'm just walking and trusting God that he's pointing me in the right direction.

Styles: Amen to that! So speaking of making sure you going in the right direction, how do you do manage to be a beautiful lady in this industry full of sharks and wolves?

Mica: Honestly...I don't know! (laughs) I was a tomboy growing up and I was raised by a good family, so maybe that has something to do with it. But I just stay grounded, smile and keep it moving. Being a woman, having talent won't always get you want you want, but I will never sell myself in order to get ahead like unfortunately a lot of other female artists do.

Styles: Great point. Excellent point. So to any young, aspiring female artist out there trying to make it, what do you have to say to her?

Mica: Do your homework. Research the industry. Pray. ALOT. Don't just study the music side, study the business side too. That's why a lot of wack rappers make it -- because they know the business (laughs).

Styles: I know that's right! (laughs) Okay, well it was nice talking to you Ms. Swain!! We all know the world has gone digital, so if the people want to discover your music or keep up with your moves where do we go?

Mica: Micaswain.com is my official website. But on the others like facebook, myspace and twitter it's just my name "micaswain" no space, and no K. People like to spell my name M-I-K-A...no boo, it's Mica with a C. (laughs)

Styles: Word up! So lastly, if nobody remembers the name Mica Swain tomorrow, what's the last thing you want to be remembered about you?

Mica: I have never given up. Never slacked up, and I never sleep. Keep God first, pray every step of the way and you will achieve your dreams.

Styles: Truer words have never been spoken.