Been a long time....I shouldna left you...without a hot beat to step too..

What's good internet world? I don't know what it is...but I can't seem to stay attached to this computer shit for too long! I know the 2010 is all about staying connected and letting any and everybody know any and every move you make --- whether it's on twitter, facebook, a blog, youtube.....

I'm sorry man. I'm not built for a lot of this new technology. lol. But that don't mean I'm going to stop helping to do my part in spreading this NC music to the masses!! Like the new slogan I picked up last week from my NC brethren --- EVERYBODY WORKING.

If you do a lil bit, I do a lil bit, your man's and them do a lil the end of the day a LOT OF BIT gets done. Some people like to think that we all stuck in a "local" state of mind, but seriously...we have to build a flourishing hip-hop community throughout the state before ANY major label or distribution company throws large sums of money our way. So with that said, stop bashing the next homie reppin NC. So what if you're shining, so what if you got weight, so what if you got the baddest whip this side of 85, so what if everybody in Charlotte, or everybody in Raleigh knows your name. In the grand scheme of things with this music sh*t homie....we all ain't did a damn thing. And that's the truth.

So with that said...welcome back to Respect My Truth, and get prepared for this onslaught of NC music we bout to slam the industry with.