Death to the Janky Promoter Industry

Okay, before I even get into the whole thing...let me say this. We respect any and everybody that's truly on their grind. It's just the select few that just...don't really have a clue about what they're doing when it comes to working in the entertainment industry.

I'm just tired of bullsh***in people! ya dig???? If you don't have it, you don't have it...if it ain't working, it's not gonna work -- if you don't have my money.........

That's a whole other topic.

Anyways. People. If you're going to throw a party or put on a concert....make sure everything is in COMPLETE order. If there is a ceremony directly upstairs and the music can only be so loud and only for so long -- TELL SOMEBODY BEFORE THEY COME!! You don't have to lie and say it's going to be mad people there either...and even if you do promise that, you better be out there PROMOTING! Sometimes a facebook event page ain't enough only inviting your friends and sh*t..lmao..come on man, do better. Get the word out!! Because as much as our name is on the line with putting on a good show (even in difficult situations), your name is on the line with putting events ON..period. Don't burn bridges homie, might need to cross them later on.

So, to all you aspiring, current and even legendary promoters...keep griding and keep delivering on your word. Let's help weed these janky muhf*ggas out.

Catch a clip of "Janky Promoters" below: